Sick of looking at dirty grout? Up for a challenge?

Try this – go  to your kitchen sink , get out the sponge you use to wipe your sink down ,wet it so its saturated from the tap(.dripping so it will drip water onto the tiles below) now pour a small amount of your washing up detergent onto a corner of the wet( dripping) sponge and then wipe the detergent onto a section of grout around the worst tile. Wait 2 minutes then with great care rub the wet grout with the wet sponge and watch the dirt move. Wring out the sponge and wipe the tile dry -now that in a nutshell is how we clean your dirty grout, though we do it with better chemicals etc!

So you see you grout can be cleaned to look almost new again! We will even show you how to easily keep it that way too!

Here at Mandurah Carpet Tile and Grout cleaning, we excel in all aspects of carpet, grout and tile cleaning.

Whatever your domestic or commercial cleaning needs, you can count on our highly skilled team to provide a prompt, professional and friendly service with guaranteed results.

We’ve taken the family side of our business very much to heart, and we treat every single property we work on with the same meticulous care and attention as we do our very own homes.

If you need general tile or grout cleaning services, we can help there too.

Basically, we can help!

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